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Story-driven trainings
that put diversity
in the spotlight

Made to create an impact, and not simply check a box.

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We leverage the power of visual storytelling to broaden perspectives 

High quality story-driven documentaries, and e-Courses coupled with sensitively written Learning Guides to stimulate meaningful conversation and personal reflection. A truly unique offering among the depolarization trainings in the industry. 

Not just another "check the box" product, but rather an impactful space for diverse individuals to share their stories.

At So Diversum, we're committed to addressing the pressing need to bridge social divides. By tackling social polarization, we pave the way for a more united, harmonious society where individuals can come together to find common ground, foster understanding, and engage in constructive dialogue.

Why "story-driven" matters

Have you ever been so immersed in a narrative that you empathized with the characters and comprehended their viewpoint, despite never having undergone their experiences?


This is precisely the power of good storytelling. It enables you to assume another person's persona, enter their universe, and perceive it from their point of view.

Storytelling-based products operate on various emotional, intellectual, personal and social levels, and, most importantly, foster meaningful discussions and promote personal growth.


Experience the power of storytelling with SD


Learning Guides

At Your Learning Pace

It’s time for the conversation around inclusion and diversity to take a human-centric approach. It’s not just about the numbers — it’s about the people.

Why Depolarization Matters

In today's world, the urgency of social depolarization cannot be overstated. Our mission at So Diversum extends beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to embrace the imperative of depolarizing society. Social polarization has a far-reaching impact, affecting communities, workplaces, and the very foundations of our society, often exacerbating divisions and undermining progress.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Recent statistics underscore the significance of the social depolarization movement:


of Americans believe that the United States is more politically divided than ever before, according to a Pew Research Center survey.


of Americans feel that the tone of public debate in the country has gotten worse, while 34% feels it has not changed, and only 7% thinks it has improved, according to a More in Common study.

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