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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Jenn Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay is the Founder and CEO of So Diversum, and the driving force behind our mission. With a rich academic background in sociology, intercultural communications, and digital media production, she's a visionary who's committed to making a difference. Dr. Lindsay's extensive list of accolades, fellowships, and awards attests to her dedication to the depolarization of society.

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Our CEO's Background

Dr. Lindsay's journey is marked by academic excellence, holding a kaleidoscope of degrees that shape her interdisciplinary approach. She earned her undergraduate degree in Playwriting from Stanford University in 2001, delved into Theatre Management at Yale University in 2005, embraced the complexities of Divinity at Columbia University in 2011, explored sociology at La Sapienza University (Rome) in 2017, and culminated her academic odyssey with a doctoral degree in the Social Science of Religion from Boston University in 2018.

As a professor, Dr. Lindsay imparts her wisdom in courses like Introduction to Sociology, Global Media, Religions of the World, Intercultural Communications, Digital Media Production, Sociology of Religion, and Religious and Social Diversity in Rome. Her classrooms are vibrant spaces where academia meets real-world challenges.

The accolades bestowed upon Dr. Lindsay illuminate the brilliance of her contributions. Noteworthy awards include the Scientific Study of Religion Graduate Research Award, the Boston University Center for the Humanities Dissertation Award, and the International Congress on Science and Religion’s Merit Award for Outstanding Research. As an International Fellow for the KAICIID Interfaith Dialogue center, Dr. Lindsay was named one of the top women involved in interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

Her work explores social diversity, community building, personal transformation and social change movements. Her many successful collaborations have garnered great reviews. Dr. Lindsay’s ethnographic and interdisciplinary research combines perspectives from social theory, cultural anthropology, depth and cognitive psychology, neuroscience, sociology of religion, liberal theology, esoteric mysticism, intercultural communications and interpersonal ethics.

She has conducted comparative ethnographic analysis of interreligious dialogue in Rome and in the Middle East, analyzing the nature and networks of interfaith dialogue across sociopolitical and geographic contexts. Her previous ethnographic fieldwork spans religious communities in North America, Indonesia and Peru. She has screened her films throughout the world, the topics ranging from a Rwandan Buddhist monk’s life and teachings to computer scientists simulating the spread of religious terrorism. She has also created documentary films for the Center for Mind and Culture based in Boston, Massachusetts.

There are many debates about the one reason Diversity Equity and Inclusion training doesn’t work or the one right way to teach it—but there’s no “one size fits all” training. The world of diversity training should reflect our own diversity, as each of us are complex works in progress.

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