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Our Method

So Diversum's commitment to meaningful storytelling ensures that viewers move beyond mere adherence to DEI standards. Instead, they embark on a journey of deep cultural understanding, driving a sustained cultural shift toward inclusivity.

Learn more about why we chose a storytelling approach and what sets us apart from competition below.

Why Storytelling Matters?

Emotional Connection and Empathy Building:

So Diversum redefines depolarization training by recognizing storytelling as a dynamic catalyst for shared experiences. As Forbes contributor Chris Westfall aptly notes, "Because information doesn’t lead to realization. Information informs, but decisions come from somewhere else. And sometimes, those decisions defy statistics." Through narratives that resonate personally, we foster profound emotional connections, building genuine understanding and empathy.


In embracing storytelling beyond mere information transfer, So Diversum taps into the capacity of narratives to evoke emotions and inspire decisions that transcend statistical data.

Meaningful Context Over Compliance:

Amidst a landscape often fixated on compliance, So Diversum champions the depth of meaningful storytelling. Drawing on insights from developmental psychology, neural biology, and cognitive science, we understand that our brains are predictive machines seeking explanations. Predicting events in a story requires a deeper understanding of the characters' motives, and feelings, achieved through "emotional simulation," which constructs "the foundation for empathy," thanks to its mirroring activity that makes us feel the emotions we assume the characters are going through.


Our narratives go beyond generic exercises, providing real-world context that reflects the rich complexity of human differences. As highlighted in a Medium article, storytelling combines facts, values, and emotions effectively, positioning So Diversum at the front lines in a journey toward deep cultural understanding, contributing to a sustained cultural shift toward inclusivity.

Influence on Long-Term Cultural Shift:

At the core of So Diversum's strategy lies the transformative power of storytelling as a catalyst for enduring change. The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley emphasizes that emotionally compelling stories engage more of the brain and influence attitudes over the long term. Recognizing the enduring nature of cultural shifts, we aim to embed depolarization principles into communities.


Our narratives not only engage the brain but also influence attitudes over the long term, facilitating lasting cultural shifts and promoting large-scale cooperation.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Products for Your Community

Multidimensional Approach: So Diversum offers a comprehensive, multidimensional approach. From documentary films to e-courses, and learning guides, our range of products caters to diverse learning preferences and environments.​

Founder's Expertise: Dr. Jenn Lindsay, the co-founder and director, brings a wealth of academic and artistic expertise to So Diversum. Her background in sociology, intercultural communications, and digital media production shapes our unique methodologies. The blend of academic rigor and creative storytelling sets us apart in the depolarization training space. Learn more about our CEO here.​


Global Perspective: Our global reach and diverse content, made by a diverse team, such as the documentary "Jilbab" filmed in Indonesia, showcase a commitment to representing various cultural contexts. This global perspective enhances the relevance and applicability of our training materials for a wide range of audiences, fostering understanding across cultures.​

Transformative Products: The specific focus on transformative products like "Quarantined Faith," "Body Stories," and "Jilbab" showcases our commitment to addressing real-world issues and fostering meaningful conversations through a storytelling approach. Learn more about our products here.​


Academic Recognition: Dr. Jenn Lindsay's academic achievements, fellowships, and awards underscore the credibility and depth of our training materials. Her continued involvement in academia and contributions to fields such as sociology and inter-religious studies further enrich our approach.




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