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At So Diversum, we believe in the power of depolarization to transform communities and workplaces into vibrant, respectful, and inclusive spaces. Our e-Courses and Documentaries, along with their respective Learning Guides, are designed to foster understanding, empathy, and meaningful connections among diverse groups, with a special focus on younger generations who crave engaging and entertaining learning experiences. Each product appeals to different learning styles and varied modalities of encountering difference.

Our Product Offerings

A Multidimensional Approach

Much like our approach to DEI, our depolarization initiatives offer a multiplatform experience. We provide tools, resources, and insights to facilitate respectful conversations, empathy, and meaningful connections across differing ideologies and viewpoints.


Our e-Courses are structured in 4-5 thematic units that dive deeply into different aspects of the course topic. Each unit is comprised of five mini-episodes, followed by a learning assessment exercise. Total viewing time is 2.5 self-paced hours. The Learning Guide complements the educational content of the e-Course by providing further information and suggesting discussion/reflection questions and related resources and activities. 

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Body Stories


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Body Stories is a compelling storytelling project comprised of 25 three to eight minute episodes featuring authentic anecdotes about diverse experiences of living in a human body. These narratives cover deeply personal memories related to family, religion, social media, sexuality, and more. By sharing these stories, we aim to dissolve shame and societal pressures to conform to unrealistic body standards. Body Stories is divided into themed modules that explore topics such as beauty standards, gender, and self-acceptance.


Our short documentary films average 30 minutes in length, perfect for a classroom setting or group gathering. Their Learning Guides can support immediate post-viewing discussion or the prompts can be stretched across weeks to keep the conversation going.

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Quarantined Faith


learning guide

During the COVID-19 quarantine in Italy, religious gatherings were suspended. This documentary delves into how Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, and Buddhist Romans adapted to these challenging times. Hear from religious leaders and laypeople about how they maintained their faith, resilience, and connections during this crisis. Quarantined Faith showcases the power of community and spirituality during uncertain times.

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Jilbab takes you to Jogjakarta, Indonesia, where the Muslim headscarf, known as the jilbab, is a colorful and expressive fashion statement. This 35-minute documentary explores veiling practices among women in Jogja and beyond. Discover the cultural nuances, religious aesthetics, and individual perspectives surrounding veiling in different parts of the world. Jilbab offers a unique glimpse into the intersection of fashion, culture, and religion.

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Quarantined Faith

Coupled with its Learning Guide, Quarantined Faith can spark discussions revolving around spirituality, feeling part of a community, and the effects the pandemic had on these spheres.





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We invite you to explore our diverse range of DEI products and be part of the movement toward more inclusive, healthier, and happier communities. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a world where everyone belongs.

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